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28 Jan
create beat loops and get generated visuals for them, thanks to Vibert Thio
22 Jan
a simple looking yet very challenging game where you have to guess the hex value of the background color made by gautham sajith
#games + #glitch
21 Jan
a relaxing aquatic scene populated by ocean life emoji made by maël brunet
10 Jan
a very good ascii art editor by jonathan brodsky
10 Jan
a fun way to learn about status codes, built by and powered by keanu reeves' prolific career. a submission to the #giftgiving #codejam in december on
#glitch #learning +
18 Dec 2023
another site of mine that's on glitch. i have been maintaining this in-browser pixel art editor since 2011
18 Dec 2023
this is my main site. it's a remix of glitch-in-bio and you can draw on it because that's just cool.